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Spanish Catalogue of invasive alien species.

Spain. Comes into force on Royal Decree 1628/2011de the Law of 14 November, which regulates the listing and Spanish catalog of invasive alien species. And among other concerns the ownership and marketing of turtles.

According to Article 61.3 of Law 42/2007 of December 13, involves the general prohibition of possession, transportation, traffic and trade of live or dead, their remains or propagules, including foreign trade.

Updated 10/27/2018 2:59:57 PM
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Where are the turtles station Atocha (Madrid)?

In the train station of Atocha (Madrid, Spain), there was a pond with about one hundred turtles Trachemys genre. came the abandonment of the people, and they served the passenger entertainment, and prevented them to be released into nature.

Updated 10/27/2018 2:59:57 PM
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The Atocha turtles has been return

Now the reparation works on the pond of Atocha station (Madrid, Spain)  has been finished, the Trachemys ssp, has been returned,

Thanks to ADIF (Train operator company) for keep this collection fo turtles,

Updated 10/27/2018 2:59:57 PM
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Hallados fosil de una tortuga de hace 60 millones años hallados en Colombia

Los paleontólogos de "North Carolina State University" han hallado  los restos de un ejemplar de tortuga fosilizado correspondientes a una especie  que vivió hace 60 millones de años en  América del Sur,  Habitaban en lo que hoy es Colombia, y tiene el tamaño de un pequeño automovil..

Updated 10/27/2018 2:59:57 PM
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