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Mora Jairo Sandoval assassinate while protecting turtles in Limon (Costa Rica)


From here a big hug to the family of Jairus. As we should feel very proud of him.

Jairo Sandoval Mora, 26 years old, was the victim of an ambush while on patrol with four women in order to prevent the looting of marine turtle eggs in Limon.

 "They could send messages to the police to come to the beach in Moin. Do not be afraid, just come armed, no more. 60 turtles lost, no single nest. We took help and soon. "


Jairo worked in the animal protection center Whereabouts Eco Tour in Limon, and participated with Widecast in developing a project in Moin beach conservation com commonly known leatherback turtle,   tortuga laúd, canal, cardón, baula o tingla (Dermochelys coriacea). (Dermochelys coriacea). Its the only existing marine species that has no rigid carapace.

This species is the only one that is currently held by his family, this extición critically endangered because of human presre especiamante in lugrares of nesting, Jairo lost his life protecting her


Dermochelys coriacea, tortuga baula, tortuga laud


On April 23 the social network Facebook public 'If a cop says that pports us is lying' Victims of an ambush in the night Love by turtles since I was a child

He was killed yesterday in the middle of an ambush by five masked men, when it was a watch on the coast. He was accompanied by four foreign.

Mora's body was found around 6 a. m., to the side of your car, on the beach in Nine Miles, in Moin Limon, with a bullet wound in the head by (OIJ).

For Didier Chacon, director of the turtle protection program Widecast, which worked with Mora, decided after the killing Moin cancel the project.

Moreover, the deputy chief of the Armed Forces of Limon, Erick Calderon asred that yes they conduct patrols in the area. "There are about 50 police forces who are trained in the protection of sea turtle nests," said Gamboa.



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