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El Cortijo de la Tortuga Mora (Almeria) pasa a ser Propiedad de ACUDE


ACUDE (Association for Land Stewardship and Sustainable Development), formed by Pilar Sanchez and Luis Castaneda-exdelegado Global Nature in the region - the (Attend), are the new owners and have integrated almost all previously managed farms in GN name.
El Cortijo de la Tortuga Mora is also the official home of Turn, the statement can be read on the website of this organization.

Summits Galera, has been sold by Global Nature to one of the two people working for the company were dismissed conservationist until early 2012 "for economic reasons", as claimed then the GN manager, Eduardo de Miguel.


The farm Lorca was for 93,000 euros to a former employee, now president of Come, who has transferred to its new territory custody network

El Cortijo de la Tortuga Mora is now a particular property. The Global Nature Fund (GN), head for almost twenty years on the farm

The operation is shrouded in secrecy and Pilar Sanchez prefers not confirm that is the new owner of the iconic property of seventy acres of the Sierra de La Carrasquilla Lorca, and Global Nature refuses to reveal the details of the operation "because these ises sensitive personal and affecting heritage foundation "

The land was purchased in 1994 with funds from the Frankfurt Zoological Society, have ended up going from Global Nature (particularly Entity) to private hands.

In the Property Registry of Lorca shows that the operation was carried out last May 7 a notary in Madrid for a price of 93,000 euros. According seat registration entry by Global Nature liquid that heritage in the region, which is handed over to Pilar Sanchez Sanchez and her husband, Juan Abad Morales. "

We will continue from here on the evolution of private nature reserve, managed now by ACUDE through its president Pilar Sánchez Sánchez, which we expect to continue the protection of the reserve, and ecological and economically viable.


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