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Mauremys leprosa: SCHWEIGGER, 1812

Subord. Cryptodira, Supfam.Testudinoidea, Fam.Geoemydidae EN:Spanish pond turtle, Mediterranean pond turtle, ES: V.Niclos

Chapter 01 - Abstract

01.01 - Abstract Description

IUN Red List

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The Spanish pond turtle (Mauremys leprosa) is a semi-aquatic freshwater turtle, retractable head into body (Pleurodira), rigid shell covered with horny shields, carapace color varies from greenish to greenish gray ocher, or breastplate, the plastron is well developed, covering almost the entire opening the carapace, light gray to yellowish, with or without diffuse spots, webbed feet, completed in a claw, his neck has longitudinal lines of lighter color, yellow to orange, and postorbital spot faint orange, reddish

Their habits are predominantly aquatic and diurnal. Just leave the water to bask on rocks and logs, spawn and move in search of other water bodies, forced by a shortage of food or water. During the cold of winter soft Mediterranean, stands quietly under the mud bottom of bodies of water.

Omnivorous: It feeds on aquatic insects, amphibians, carrion and any aquatic plant.

Its natural distribution now is Europe and North Africa, distributed west of Mediterranean areas, reaches 23cm, is found in ponds, streams, rivers, reservoirs, any type of aquifer. Supporting sewage.

Previously it was regarded as a bspecies of Mauremys caspica with Mauremys caspica leprosa.

Measure Lenght Ctm.±25
Measure Weight Gr.±800

01.02 - Abstract Natural History

Mauremys leprosa:  Natural live

01.03 - Abstract Distribution and Habitat

 Suroeste de Europa y norte de Africa, IUCN Algeria; France; Libya; Morocco; Portugal; Spain; Tunisia


01.06 - Images Gallery

La galeria de imagenes de la especie Mauremys leprosa: contiene aproximadamente 235 imagenes referidas a la especie, su habitat, ditribucion, etc.

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  • Order Testudines
    • Suborder Cryptodira 
      Tortugas ocultan cuello y cabeza en el interior del cuerpo.2
      • Superfamily Chelonioidea 
        Todas las actuales tortugas marinas con caparazón rigido o coriaceao
        • Family Cheloniidae
          • Genus Caretta 
            Tortuga marina caparazón rigido
          • Genus Chelonia
          • Genus Eretmochelys
          • Genus Lepidochelys
          • Genus Natator
        • Family Dermochelyidae
          • Genus Dermochelys
      • Superfamily Kinosternoidea 
        Tortugas Americanas con el plastrón con zonas mas o menos elásticas, con o sin bisagras
        • Family Dermatemydidae
          • Genus Dermatemys
        • Family Kinosternidae
          • Genus Claudius
          • Genus Kinosternon 
            Tortugas del fango americanas, con plastron articulado
          • Genus Staurotypus
          • Genus Sternotherus
      • Superfamily Testudinoidea 
        Extenso grupo de tortugas con caparazon rigido, terrestres y semiacuáticas
        • Family Chelydridae
          • Genus Chelydra 
            Tortugas semiacuáticas, con caparazón duro, aspecto feroz, mandibula muy desarrollada, con forma de pinza afilada
          • Genus Macrochelys
        • Family Emydidae
          • Genus Actinemys
          • Genus Chrysemys
          • Genus Clemmys
          • Genus Deirochelys
          • Genus Emydoidea
          • Genus Emys
          • Genus Glyptemys
          • Genus Graptemys
          • Genus Malaclemys
          • Genus Pseudemys
          • Genus Terrapene
          • Genus Trachemys
        • Family Geoemydidae
          • Genus Batagur
          • Genus Chinemys
          • Genus Cuora
          • Genus Cyclemys
          • Genus Geoclemys
          • Genus Geoemyda
          • Genus Hardella
          • Genus Heosemys
          • Genus Leucocephalon
          • Genus Malayemys
          • Genus Mauremys
          • Genus Melanochelys
          • Genus Morenia
          • Genus Notochelys
          • Genus Ocadia
          • Genus Orlitia
          • Genus Pangshura
          • Genus Rhinoclemmys
          • Genus Sacalia
          • Genus Siebenrockiella
          • Genus Vijayachelys
        • Family Platysternidae
          • Genus Platysternon
        • Family Testudinidae
          • Genus Aldabrachelys
          • Genus Astrochelys
          • Genus Centrochelys
          • Genus Chelonoidis 
            Tortuga terrestres,con caparazón rigido, herbivora
          • Genus Chersina
          • Genus Dipsochelys
          • Genus Geochelone
          • Genus Gopherus 
            Tortugas del desierto Americanas, adaptadas a climas aridos
          • Genus Homopus
          • Genus Indotestudo
          • Genus Kinixys
          • Genus Malacochersus
          • Genus Manouria
          • Genus Psammobates
          • Genus Pyxis
          • Genus Stigmochelys
          • Genus Testudo 
            Tortugas terrestres, caparazón rígido, herbivoras
      • Superfamily Trionychoidea 
        Tortugas con espaldar y peto recubierto de piel
        • Family Carettochelyidae
          • Genus Carettochelys
        • Family Trionychidae
          • Genus Amyda
          • Genus Apalone
          • Genus Chitra
          • Genus Cyclanorbis
          • Genus Cycloderma
          • Genus Dogania
          • Genus Lissemys
          • Genus Nilssonia
          • Genus Palea
          • Genus Pelochelys
          • Genus Pelodiscus
          • Genus Rafetus
          • Genus Trionyx
    • Suborder Pleurodira 
      Tortugas que retraen la cabeza plegando el cuello externamente
      • Superfamily
        • Family Chelidae
          • Genus Acanthochelys
          • Genus Chelodina
          • Genus Chelus
          • Genus Elseya
          • Genus Elusor
          • Genus Emydura
          • Genus Hydromedusa
          • Genus Macrochelodina
          • Genus Macrodiremys
          • Genus Mesoclemmys
          • Genus Myuchelys
          • Genus Phrynops
          • Genus Platemys
          • Genus Rhinemys
      • Superfamily no
        • Family Chelidae
          • Genus Acanthochelys
          • Genus Chelodina
          • Genus Chelus
          • Genus Elseya
          • Genus Elusor
          • Genus Emydura
          • Genus Hydromedusa
          • Genus Macrochelodina
          • Genus Macrodiremys
          • Genus Mesoclemmys
          • Genus Myuchelys
          • Genus Phrynops
          • Genus Platemys
          • Genus Rhinemys
      • Superfamily Pelomedusoidea
        • Family Pelomedusidae
          • Genus Pelomedusa
          • Genus Pelusios 
            Gálapago Africano de cuello ladeado y bisagra en lobulo anterior del palstron
        • Family Podocnemididae
          • Genus Erymnochelys
          • Genus Peltocephalus
          • Genus Podocnemis 
            Caparazón rigido, cuello ladeado, semiacuáticas

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