• Temperature: Characterized by dry summers and wet winters and warm and soft.
  • Rainfall : Annual average of 400 to 900 mm / year. The dry period lasts from 3 to 5 months during the winter.
  • Distribution: To the west of the continental masses in the poleward margins of the subtropical deserts. West of the Mediterranean, California, Chile, Cape region in Africa and southwestern Australia.
  • Vegetation: Sclerophyllous forests, scrub and deciduous forests, maquis, Chaparral in California, Eucalyptus in Australia Thicket in Chile, Fynbos region Africa Cape Town.
  • Fire is common in these forests.

(FAO, FRA 2000 - Pag - 22)


Climatic criteria Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry hot summers and
humid, mild winters. Annual rainfall is in the range of 400 to 900
Vegetation Sclerophyllous evergreen forest, woodland and shrub. Maquis
dominated by Quercus ilex in the Mediterranean region; chaparral
in California, Chilean Matorral, Fynbos in the Cape Region and
Eucalyptus forest in Southwest Australia. Fire is a regular feature.
Distribution Occuring along the western sides of the continents at the poleward
margins of the subtropical deserts, in five distinct regions: the
Mediterranean basin, central and coastal California, Central Chile,
the Cape region of South Africa and southwest and south Australia.