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01.00 - Abstract: Testudo hermanni.

GMELIN (1789)

. [en] Hermann's tortoise
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01.01 - Abstract Description

Testudo hermanni:
Id.: 36,596

The tortoise Testudo Hermanni or Mediterranean turtle is terrestrial habits, rigid shell, straw yellow color background on the black spots which extend along a very orderly pattern, keeping symmetry about the midline. The above flow ually divided shield, tail ends in a scale conical cornea, cornea lacks protuberances between his tail and hind legs.

IUCN: Near Threatened (2004)
CITES: Appendix II, as Testudinidae spp.

Measure Lenght Ctm.±20
Measure Weight Gr.±1000

01.02 - Abstract Natural History

Testudo hermanni:  Natural live
Id.: 10,202

Their diet is omnivorous opportunistic, dominantly herbivorous, feeding on herbaceous plants rich in fiber, hibernates during the winter underground, in very hot seasons makes aestivation. Make two annual nestings selected nny places, not floodable to make their nests.



01.03 - Abstract Distribution and Habitat

Testudo hermanni:  Range distribution
Id.: 10,192

Its natural distribution includes countries bordering the northern Mediterranean, from northeastern Spain to countries rrounding the Black Sea.  Currently two bspecies are recognized

T. h. hermanni: countries and islands of the northwestern Mediterranean: Spain, Southern France, Italy, Albania, "Yugoslovia", Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Monte Black, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greecia, E Turkey.

T. H. booettgeri: coast of Yugoslavia, Albania, Greecia, Bulgaria, Servia sea Negro.m

Living in areas of Mediterranean forest, scrubland, with open vegetation composed of aromatic plants, shrubs and plants and trees that allow the n to reach the ground.


01.05 - Near species

Fam: Testudinidae with 54 species

Genus list of family Testudinidae

  • Aldabrachelys ( 0 Specie)
  • Astrochelys ( 2 species)
  • Centrochelys ( 1 Specie)
  • Chelonoidis ( 5 species)
  • Chersina ( 1 Specie)
  • Dipsochelys ( 6 species)
  • Geochelone ( 2 species)
  • Gopherus ( 7 species)
  • Homopus ( 5 species)
  • Indotestudo ( 3 species)
  • Kinixys ( 6 species)
  • kinixys ( 1 Specie)
  • Malacochersus ( 1 Specie)
  • Manouria ( 2 species)
  • Psammobates ( 3 species)
  • Pyxis ( 2 species)
  • Stigmochelys ( 1 Specie)
  • Testudo( 5 species)

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01.06 - Images Gallery

La galeria de imagenes de la especie Testudo hermanni: contiene aproximadamente 261 imagenes referidas a la especie, su habitat, ditribucion, etc.

Aqui ve solo una muestra, accede a la Gallery Testudo hermanni: para ver la galeria completa

Testudo hermanni
Id.: 23,346
Testudo hermanni
Id.: 32,802
Testudo hermanni
Id.: 32,852
Testudo hermanni
Id.: 39,957
Testudo hermanni
Id.: 32,771
Testudo hermanni
Id.: 29,581

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