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Arrested seven people accused of the crime of Jairo Mora (Costa Rica)


The Costa Rican police Wednesday arrested seven people accused of the crime of an environmentalist who protected a turtle nesting site of poachers, some of the detainees "had criminal records for assault and breach of environmental law."


According to the spokesman of the judicial police, Marisel Rodriguez, at dawn in series of records in Limon on the Caribbean coast, arrested seven people, including two Nicaraguans, and eighth person is a fugitive, he added.

Jairo Mora, 26, was killed early on May 31, 2013, he toured the Caribbean Moin beach along with four foreign environmentalists, in order to prevent poachers stolen till turtle eggs.

The incident occurred in four foreign company, three Americans and Spanish, who were assaulted in Moin beach by a group of hooded women locked in an abandoned construction and Mora took the women managed to escape in a careless, and Jairo Mora was found murdered, naked and bound, was found face down in the sand and shot in the head.

J. Mora, native of the area, working on a conservation project for the local organization and international Eco Widecast whereabouts. He had denounced in a report published in April that environmentalists in the area were threatened by criminal organizations.


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